October is Dyslexia Awareness Month!

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Ways to celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Month in your community!

We believe real change happens from small daily actions by people that do something meaningful. This October we encourage you to do something meaningful to raise awareness in your community. And share what you did! (on our Facebook page or add your comment below)

Your actions can be as simple posting a ‘1 in 5’ sign in your car window. Or gathering a few parents together to watch a movie at your home. If you feel more ambitious host a larger event at the library, school or community theater. Remember, any outreach whether small or large scale has the potential to raise awareness about dyslexia and may help a child receive the screening and help they need early in their education path.

Contact us at info@decodingdyslexiaor.org if you would like help.

  1. Come out and own it! Tell a friend or co-worker your story.

  2. Organize an informational dyslexia display or bulletin board at your local library or school (Click here for some ideas & images)

  3. Share with your school officials and teachers the new Oregon Legislation!

  4. Distribute postcards around town about dyslexia (contact us, we have plenty)

  5. Join our ME TOO! Campaign  – Host a support group for kids & parents (Click here for step by step ideas.)

  6. Host a movie & discussion

    • Embracing Dyslexia
      embracingdyslexia.com -This in an excellent first movie to screen and is free on youtube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBIK0XVPbXo) or available for $10 on DVD.  Their website includes a ready made flyer.
    • The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia
      thebigpicturemovie.com – Another excellent film for groups, cost depends on the viewing location. Their website also  includes a ready made flyer.
  7. Host a Dyslexia Simulation Event Encourage parents, educators and administrators to attend.

  8. Create a Light it Up Red Event On October 15, show your support for the 1 in 5 students who struggle with dyslexia!

  9. Give a talk to your local PTO Decoding Dyslexia Oregon has premade powerpoints.

  10. Organize a letter writing campaign to your local newspaper Try to have a different letter once or twice a week for a month. Encourage different points of view from:

    •  Students
    •  Parents
    • Tutors
    • Teachers
    • Adults with Dyslexia
  11. Host a speaker panel Invite students, parents, adults and tutors to discuss their experiences with dyslexia.

  12. Create a banner of local and famous people with dyslexia Display it around town (library, coffee shops, etc.) Decoding Dyslexia Oregon also has fun posters you can display.

  13. Have fun and be creative and think out-of-the-box. (We know you can!)