Central Oregon (Bend)

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The Central Oregon Chapter of Decoding Dyslexia originated from a group of parents, educators and dyslexic adults who wanted to bring about awareness and create a dyslexia support network for those living in Central Oregon.

To create community around dyslexia, the Central Oregon Chapter hosts monthly support meetings for parents to ask questions, share experiences and hear advice from other parents & experts to successfully advocate for their kids in and out of school.

To raise awareness of dyslexia, we host specialized educational opportunities and workshops geared to parents, teachers and others interested in learning about dyslexia from recognizing the signs, to understanding the evidence-based methods proven effective for overcoming challenges.

Join us!  Check our events page for meeting times and location.  Click here to check out our Facebook page and stay connected! Hope to see you soon!

Contact us at: centraloregon@decodingdyslexiaor.org