Advocacy 101

As parent advocates, we found certain documents most helpful in our advocacy. Share these with your school and/or community. 

If you have other information that was helpful in your advocacy, please send us a quick email at We would love to hear more tips!

Recent Federal happenings:

  • Feb 18,2016 President Obama signed The READ ACT into law. The READ ACT or Research Excellence and Advancements for Dyslexia Act requires the National Science Foundation  to fund research into “the early identification of children and students with dyslexia, professional development for teachers and administrators of students with dyslexia, curricula and educational tools needed for children with dyslexia, and implementation and scaling of successful models of dyslexia intervention.”
  • Sept 8, 2015, Guidance on using the term dyslexia  in the IEP process was clarified by a letter from the US Department of Education’s Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services. Listen to a a discussion with Michael Yudin, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services about this guidance.
  • Bipartisan Dyslexia Caucus – ” The Congressional Dyslexia Caucus was formed so that we can work across party lines to educate members of the public about dyslexia, as well as to identify policies that will support individuals as they overcome dyslexia and pursue educational and career opportunities.”
  • Sept 18, 2014, The U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Science, Space, and Technology held a hearing, “The Science of Dyslexia,”

Recent State happenings:

  • In the summer of 2015, Oregon passed its first dyslexia legislation. HB 2412 and SB 612
  • In the summer of 2017, Oregon passed two additional bills (SB 221 and SB 1003) to modify specific aspects of HB 2412 and SB 612.
  • As a result of the above legislation, ODE has a dyslexia webpage, hired a Dyslexia Specialist to oversee the implementation of the bills, and ODE has formed the Oregon Dyslexia Advisory Council.  Check out our legislative pages for more details. Change is happening!

General Resources:

Article on teacher preparation programs: