Screening of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

Want to have an informative and inspiring evening on Dyslexia? Host a screen of the movie:  The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia. We are happy to faciliate a screen of the movie in your local Oregon community today!              Just let us know!    Contact us at              Watch the Trailer!

Faces of Dyslexia

Be on the lookout for our traveling photo exhibit, “Faces of Dyslexia” coming to a coffee shop or venue near you! Sneak preview by the Oregonian. Made possible by: Campbell Salgado Studio & local graphic designer, Sandy Tanaka

Teacher Training

What percentage of teachers has been trained on dyslexia, its warning signs, and accommodation strategies that can help students with dyslexia? Through no fault of their own, teachers (including general education teachers, reading specialists and special education teachers) often receive no training on dyslexia. It can be frustrating to be teaching without the necessary tools.  Let’s help get our teachers the …

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Signs of Dyslexia

Cheri Rae from the Dyslexia Project blogged “If I only had known what to look for.”  The signs of dyslexia can be confusing. And often hidden. In the spirit of raising awareness, DD-OR founding members created a one page post card of possible signs of dyslexia to share with the public. We found it difficult to narrow down the list! The …

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One in Five

As many as one in five students may have some degree of dyslexia.  Dyslexia is characterized by an unexpected difficulty in reading in children and adults who otherwise possess the intelligence, motivation, and schooling considered necessary for accurate and fluent reading (Shaywitz 1998). It represents one of the most common problems affecting children and adults with prevalence …

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