Decoding Dyslexia States


Look at us GROW!  This movement began in 2011 when Decoding Dyslexia New Jersey was formed. With wild success and growing interest in other States, in January of 2013 the NJ group issued a “How to Guide” for Starting a Grassroots Movement for Dyslexia.  Since the release of the Guide, in 4 years, we have grown to 50 states strong! AMAZING.

Check out our national website that includes a link to each state movement. The NCLD featured a story about DD parents on a mission and how we formed a national movement!

This shows the need for change and parents that want conversations about dyslexia. Thank you everyone for joining in!  One voice, one message, one day, all students with dyslexia will receive the services they need. Our vision is that someday it will be as simple as 1,2,3.  ~ DD-OR