Posters & Postcards

Decoding Dyslexia Oregon is pleased to offer several images for your use to raise awareness in presentations and informational displays.

The hi resolution posters can be printed up to 13×19 inches while the postcards are sized at 4×6 inches. We have a few postcards already printed and available for your use; contact us to find out about cost and shipping arrangements.

Please note because the resolution is quite high these PDFs will take some time to download. To view the items in low resolutions, simply click the image.

Available as Downloads




Available as Print

We have a selection of postcards already printed, please contact us for shipping details.


© 2013 Decoding Dyslexia Oregon
These are copyrighted images and may be subject to certain other legal rights. You may utilize each image for Dysleixa Awareness (not commercial) use only. They may not be used for resale and you may not create derivative works from the imagery for resale.

Purchase a poster/bulletin board to display at your child’s school for Dyslexia Awareness Month in October!