Equity in Literacy

Equity in Literacy is a virtual, moderated community forum that is focused on the current literacy crisis for Oregon’s learners (less than 50% of all learners and only 26% of Black learners are being taught to achieve proficiency by the end of 3rd grade. Oregon Statewide Annual Report Card; page 47) The purpose of this forum was to give voice to current and past Portland State University (PSU) students and concerned community members to discuss PSU’s alignment of their teacher preparation with best practices in reading instruction.

Black Literacy Summit

March to Literacy is a Black literacy summit that explores the many ways Black learners are being failed. Sessions include perspectives from youth, parents, teachers, professors, attorneys and judges as they address the systemic issues that contribute to the disparities between Black and white learners. This virtual conference features success stories and a closing session, “Where Do We Go From Here,” that provides viewers with recommendations to engage with their communities and to interrupt the status quo.

Thank you to our sponsors: University of Portland, BooksNotBarsOR, Y.O.U.th, I AM M.O.R.E and Portland Public Schools