Our Board

Ross Faulkenberg, President
Ross is an Orton-Gillingham trained instructor and a high school teacher with Edison High School in SW Portland. In 2010, he graduated from Portland State University with a degree in English and Creative Writing. For ten years he worked as a piano technician with Classic Pianos in SE Portland and spent the following three years as a music educator with the local non-profit Ethos Music Center. While teaching music, Ross found a passion for empowering youth and used his creativity to individualize instruction for all learners. His work in music education inspired Ross to dive deeper into the relationships between sounds and symbols in both music and reading. He has volunteered with many local organizations such as Write Around Portland, Lines For Life, and IRCO. Ross’ teaching philosophy is one rooted in equity, inclusion, and accessibility. His work as an educator is guided by principles of culturally responsive practices and universal design for learning.  Ross is currently a Portland State University student, and will complete his Masters of Special Education in Spring 2021. He is originally from Plainfield, Indiana or as some like to call it, “corn country”.

Meg Hagan, Licensed Tax Preparer, Treasurer 
Meg owns a thriving tax consultant business in SE Portland. Meg and her family began their formal dyslexia journey when her son was diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and executive function disorder in 3rd grade. Her husband, father, brother, and two nephews (on each side of the family) also have dyslexia. Meg is passionate about children receiving appropriate and early dyslexia identification and services in public school. She also believes being able to read is a civil right; every child deserves evidence based instruction and every teacher deserves evidence based training. She encourages families to engage their legislative representatives about changing how pre-service teachers learn to teach reading at Oregon universities and to engage their school boards about getting current teachers the training they need to effectively teach reading, no matter the curriculum they are using. 

Morgan Bulson, MS, National Board Certified Teacher, Secretary
Morgan is a special education teacher with over 10 years of experience working in public and charter schools both in New York City, and in Oregon.  Morgan became interested in dyslexia when she encountered bright students through her work that weren’t able to read and write at a rate that matched their intelligence.  With little training about dyslexia in her formal education, she began to seek out information and resources on her own.  Morgan is passionate about working with kids and families with dyslexia, and helping to foster productive discourse between families and schools. Morgan is the co-chair of the Decoding Dyslexia Ambassadors Program

Tracy Morgan
Tracy is the Executive Director for the Alzheimer’s Association. As the parent of two children with dyslexia, Tracy loves helping bring resources to families as they navigate their journeys with dyslexia. She is passionate about showing kids that dyslexia is a true advantage for them. Tracy is the founder of the Decoding Dyslexia Kids Network. She enjoys creating a program that allows children to connect with others and embrace their dyslexic advantages.

Dr. Scott Smith
Dr. Scott Smith has been in education for the past 40 years. Growing up in Eastern Oregon he struggled with school. His fifth-grade teacher told his parents he needed to find a trade because he would never be able to read or spell or write and attend college. Dr. Smith is a third-generation successful dyslexic. His parents knew with the support that would not be the case. He obtained his Bachelors Degree from Western Oregon University, Masters from Lesley University, in Cambridge, MA and his Doctorate from Northcentral University in Prescott Valley, Arizona. He spent 26 years in elementary classrooms in Umatilla, Oregon, finishing his experience there as their Reading Coach. He then became an Assistant Professor at Eastern Oregon University in the Elementary Pre-Service teacher program. He worked as an instructional coach for the InterMountain ESD serving 18 rural school districts area of focus is pre-reading skills and reading instruction and dyslexia along with classroom instructional support. His book “Discovering Effective Reading Reading Instruction” (2019) he explains the hows and whys of Science-Based reading instruction. 

Dr. Shaheen Munir-McHill  
Dr. Shaheen Munir-McHill is an assistant professor of practice at Portland State University and the coordinator of the PSU Special Education K-12 license and endorsement programs.  Shaheen has served in a wide range of roles in the education system, including an elementary resource room teacher, a school psychologist, a DIBELS mentor, a reading interventionist, a student teaching coach, and the coordinator of a reading intervention clinic.  Shaheen is passionate about supporting all learners to become successful readers.  Her interests include the use of formative and diagnostic assessment tools to drive reading instructional practices, early screening for potential reading challenges, multi-tiered systems of instructional support, and working with families to navigate special education systems and reinforcing evidenced-based instructional practices at home.

Tiffany Leinassar
Tiffany is a strategic communications professional with 15 years of corporate communications, public relations, issues management and public policy experience. As a dyslexic who received early intervention, Tiffany has long appreciated the incredible impact Orton-Gillingham instruction can have for dyslexic students. Going through the process of a dyslexia assessment and tutoring with her second-grade daughter, she was struck by the gaps in information and resources that many parents and students currently face. She is passionate about raising dyslexia awareness and creating greater equity in access to evidence-based reading interventions. 

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