Our Equity Council

Cézanne Tyner is a former classroom teacher with a passion towards education success – especially with dyslexia. Her experience in teaching spans countries such as Kenya, Nicaragua, Romania and Japan. Cézanne has an undergraduate degree in Family and Human Services and a Masters in Teaching with an emphasis in English language arts and English as a Second Language. She has been able to assume roles with public, charter, alternative, and catholic schools in Oregon and abroad. Cézanne’s love for education includes her learning and growing as well. She is a product of a Portland Public Schools education and determined to give back.

Iyabo Bello is currently a graduate student in the Masters of Special Education program at Portland State University. Iyabo is excited to finish school and to use her education to empower younger generations. Iyabo believes that education is a powerful tool to build and grow individually and as a community. “Being able to read is empowering and makes you resourceful.

Kamala Arumugam currently works for the Beaverton School District and is pursuing her Masters in Special education at Portland State University. Kamala is passionate about literacy, improving education and wants to have a positive influence on students. She is also the founder of a non-profit organization “Tamil Arambap Palli” that was founded to teach Tamil language and Tamil culture to diaspora Tamil children in and around Portland.

Liz Dominguez-Jackson is a West Coast native who moved to Portland in the autumn of 2012. Since moving to Portland, she has been involved in various community outreach efforts, mostly involving youth and education. Currently, she works on the marketing team at a technology education company. Liz is passionate about accessible education for all learners, regardless of learning style or ability.

Paula Byrd is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She graduated at Portland State University with a Bachelors of Arts and completed her Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management at the University of Illinois. She joined the Board of Y.O.U.th in 2013 and recently became the Executive Director in 2019. She is committed to the educational literacy of youth and adults. She desires to change the lives of all young people she works with and drives them to be their best.