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We offer a variety of activities for parents, educators and students.


Decoding Dyslexia Oregon’s monthly lecture series is for families and educators interested in learning about dyslexia, teaching methodology, and how to support their students. Educators earn Professional Development Units for free.  Check our events page for upcoming meetings.


Decoding Dyslexia Kid’s Network of Oregon connects and empowers kids with dyslexia living in Oregon. Kids in this group will enjoy social meet ups, Shining Star Speaker events, connecting with others and embracing their dyslexic advantages. Join our Decoding Dyslexia Kid’s Network of Oregon Facebook page and start connecting with other families today! Check our events page for upcoming Kid’s Network Events.


As a parent, you often feel alone when you’re struggling to get information or support for your dyslexic child needs. Our Parent to Parent meetings is the place to get your questions answered and find support. You will discover that you are not alone. Check our events page for upcoming meetings.


Code Busters is a one-on-one reading tutoring program for BIPOC learners who need direct, explicit, systematic instruction to acquire reading fundamentals. BIPOC tutors will meet three times weekly with their learners for a 12 week program. This program is a collaboration between Decoding Dyslexia Oregon and YouthPdx.


We are focused on the current literacy crisis for Oregon’s learners (less than 50% of all learners and only 26% of Black learners are being taught to achieve proficiency by the end of 3rd grade. Oregon Statewide Annual Report Card; page 47). We raise awareness through events with community partners that explores the many ways Black learners are being failed.