What can we do to Solve the Puzzle?

WHAT WE CAN DO?   We can gather as parents. Talk as educators. We can share our experiences and stories about getting help for our kids in school.  And from there we can tell these stories again, as a group, to school administrators, school boards and lawmakers.  Imagine knowing the many, many parents of dyslexic children at your school, in your district and in your city. Imagine finding fellow educator colleagues to explore solutions with. Numbers make a powerful story.  Social media helps us find each other outside of school so that we can approach educational leaders together,  rather than in isolation.   As a group, we can share the tools and strategy needed to begin improving dyslexia education in Oregon. Imagine the impact we could have and the lives we could CHANGE.


  • “Like” us on Facebook!
  • Write and share your story. CLICK HERE and HERE for tips!
  • Start a Decoding Dyslexia group in your community (We will help you!)
  • Share this information with 3 others and ask that they get involved in this movement also!


Join the Oregon Branch of The International Dyslexia Association (ORBIDA)

Get involved at a local level:

  •  Inquire about the state mandated “State Advisory Council for Special Education (SACSE)” and become a member.
  • Get involved in your local PTA. Host a dyslexia awareness night! We will help you!
  • Go to school board meetings and consider becoming a school board member.
  • Join a variety of district committees, talk to other parents at local events, and discuss dyslexia with educators. Become a resource for others!

Get educated:

  •  Check out IDA and ORBIDA websites and literature.
  •  Read about dyslexia. Books, such as Overcoming Dyslexia by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, have been crucial for many parents in understanding our children’s needs. For more suggestions CLICK HERE.
  • Take a parent training course in reading intervention so that you can help your child at home.
  • Look at other state laws.
  • Take a parent advocacy course. Subscribe to the Wrightslaw newsletter.


How to Join and Help  Just sign up!  Contact us today!   info@decodingdyslexiaor.org

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