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We would like to thank and acknowledge Katie Greving (Decoding Dyslexia Iowa) for the content she created and graciously allowed us to share on the resource pages below.

Disclaimer: Please note that DD-OR does not officially endorse, represent, or have a legal connection with any of the resources listed below. Resource materials offered by DD-OR are for informational purposes only and are not written by lawyers or anyone qualified in any way to interpret the law or provide legal advice. These are websites, films, and books that many parents found useful in their personal searches for information on and about dyslexia.  If you can’t find the local resources you are looking for, email us!  We will put you in touch with other families and educators to help find what you need!

Resources by Group

Check out this link for many resources for parents.

Other links specifically for:

Oregon Tutors and Assessment Providers

IEPS and 504 plans



Check out this link of resources for educators.

And this link specifically for upcoming trainings.

Check out this link of resources for pediatricians.

Check out this link of resources for a library informational display.

Resources for Everyone