Teacher Preparation Program Plans

In 2015 and 2017  new laws were enacted to ensure that teacher preparation programs (TPPs) for early childhood education, elementary education, special education or reading require instruction on dyslexia. The instruction on dyslexia must be consistent with the knowledge and practice standards of an international organization on dyslexia.  SB 221 states that TPPs have three years from the date that Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) first adopts the standards or rules to comply with the new instruction requirements. In addition, HB 2412 required TPPs to submit implementation plans to the TSCP by Dec 31, 2016. Below are copies of those plans submitted to TSPC.

Concordia University

Corban University


Eastern Oregon University

  1. College of Education Graduate Program
  2. Graduate Reading Program
  3. Undergraduate Program

George Fox

Lewis and Clark, Graduate School of Education and Counseling

Linfield College



  1. Plan for Marylhurst University EPP to Meet Requirements of Dyslexia Legislation
  2. Table for MAT Dyslexia Instruction
  3. EDU 506, Reading Essentials Pre K-5, Syllabus Winter 2017
  4. EDU 534A, Reading Essentials for Secondary Learners, Syllabus 2017
  5. EDU531, Writing & Literacy in the Content Areas, Syllabus 2017

Multnomah University:

  1. Multnomah University Compliance Plan for Dyslexia Instruction Standards
  2. EDU 427, Literacy Methods K-8 and EDU 528 Literacy Methods K-8 Syllabus
  3. Lin 415/515, Introduction to Linguistics – Fall 2016  Syllabus

Northwest Christian University

Oregon State University

Pacific University

Portland State University

Southern Oregon University

University of Oregon

University of Portland

Warner PacificWestern Oregon University


Please note that one teacher in each Oregon K-5 public school is required to receive training on dyslexia before the 2018-19 school year (as required by SB 612 and SB 1003).  The Oregon Department of Education has created a list of training opportunities.

This training must include content in the following areas:
(A) Understanding and recognizing dyslexia; (B) Using evidence-based practices to systematically and explicitly teach the foundational skills in reading; and (C) Intensifying instruction to meet the needs of students with severe reading difficulties, including dyslexia.

When reading the plans above, we recommend also looking at the proposed plans in comparison to the Oregon Department of Education criteria (OAR 581-002-1805) to determine if the plans will provide pre-service instruction that aligns with the mandated in-service requirement for teachers.